Teacher In The Eyes Of People Part 9

U For Ugly: A teacher does not take-a-bath and change his dress daily, does not comb his hair properly at daily basis.He wears a dirty dress without iron and shoes without polish.He wears the same dress whole the week.There are the groups of Lice walking and dancing on the dance floors of his hair, face, forehead and his neck freely with pleasure.He is fond of tea, coffee along with he is a chain smoker also.Some teachers are drinkers also.He does not brush his teeth, comes to school without using mouth wash.So people can not stand beside him.He has pale, golden teeth, their color is so yellow that they shine as they are made of pure gold

U For Useless: A teacher teaches his students that knowledge which is useless in these days.It effects no lasting at them.He is at home in the useless structure.In this age of IT, Science and Technology he is teaching about poetry, ancient idioms, fiction and telling the stories of Robbin hood and Fairy tales.That’s why a student cannot come out of his childhood ever.They are helpless as not able to look after them selves.He does not know about the psychology of his students.It is dangerous, might ruin, kill and hurt the psychological personality of child eventually.

When a child is mentally disorders, it is the time when he dies.With mentally satisfaction and excitement, he feels an emotion such as fear of die, he is under water and can not breathe and escape of it.They maybe unconscious, unable to do something.Their mind is not relaxed due to anxiety, stress and strictness of his teacher.They cannot able to use their senses.They have no sense even to call an ambulance.A teacher does not due his duty as well.He does not hold his students tightly enough, so they fall out of his hands.

V For Vaguer: A teacher may not be clear, certain in his faith, belief, feelings, theory, in his terms and talks.He is often out of mind that he is always in doubt.He often does not believe in other persons.

V For Vandal: A teacher deliberately breaks the things that belong to his colleagues.In his anger, he harms the others.He shouts loudly,abuses and does not look around him.Meanwhile, a student may hear his loose talk.

W For Wheelchair: A teacher is a wheel chair for his boss.His principal depends on him so much that he cannot run his school very well without his evil, collusion.But he is opposite wheel for his colleagues, because he harms them very much.He is the Lion of staff room and strongest fellow in the school because he is the wheel chair of his boss.Principals often collusion of some clever teachers to divide and rule.

W For White-Elephant: A teacher is a white-elephant.He is a great burden on the economy of a State.Some teachers come to school, sit in the chair all the time and be fat.They have no sense of wasting the precious time of the students.Time never comes back again.They are just time passers.They will lament certainly at their death bed but it is no use.A teacher is always in hurry to come out of his class room, so he waits for ringing the bell all the period.He often goes on short leave, half leave for seven or eight times in one month.Students enjoy all the day.

Some people say that teacher is often on leave.The college lecturers have no ability to teach in a good way.They go to their job places (which are at the far distances) one or two days only during the whole month.They teach a lot of syllabus, third or half book complete in those one or two days.When they go, they also fill their all blank remaining previous attendances that day and pride of their honesty that they are doing their job in better way while the other teachers are dis honest.

W For Weapon: A teacher is also a kind of dangerous weapon against his students.He can hurt and kill their heart and soul.His rough and tough behavior becomes dangerous to their mental health and disorders it, if he is not calm, polite and kind to them.

W For Weed: A gardener or a former does not want the wild plants to grow in his garden.As well as some students also take their teacher like weeds.They does not want to tolerate him but have to face this wild type plant.


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