Teacher In The Eyes Of People Part 10

X For X-ray: A teacher is like a photograph that shows the bones and other organs inside the body structure of a nation that can be seen if there is any thing wrong.So a bad teacher is an x-ray of the bad education system of his nation.

X For Xylophone: When you hit xylophone with small hammers it spreads music to amuse you.Same as a psycho type teacher gets a lot of pleasure and satisfaction when he beats his students then they cry or shout and tears come out of their eyes.

Y For Yelling Man: Some teachers shout very loudly, if they are in a class room or in the staff room.They create noisy atmosphere and pollute the environment.

Y For Yo Yo: A teacher plays with the fate of his students like a toy named yo yo.He weaves a trap of terror around them, after this he pulls the strings of this trap tightly and then the students spin around his will and wish like a yo yo.

Z For Zoo: A teacher has totally a zoo in himself.You can go to see and realize him that he is so cunning as a fox is.He imitates his colleagues behavior, dress and attitude and he is the also a joker like a monkey, he is as coward as a jackal, mews in front of his boss and sits beside him as a cat.He spreads rumor against his boss as a snake.He gives him a nasty surprise and upsets him like a vulture.

He stings his fellows like a wasp.He shouts at his students angrily as an elephant shouts.He grabs student’s tests and copies like a crow.He glides in the class room like a wolf.He glances his students like a giraffe and giggles at them as a gorilla.He sits in his class room as gloomy as a lizard.At the arrival, he goes to welcome his boss as the speed of a tiger.Some students take his personality as a reflection of wild animals.


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