Teacher In The Eyes Of People Part 7

Q For Quietest man: DEO, CEO or Secretary(education) visit his class and wants to watch the way of his teaching.The officer orders him to continue his lecture.Then teacher smiles quietly and becomes a dumb and his lips are closed tightly to each other.His classroom turns into a place of quiet, as there is no one.At that time teacher becomes the quietest man of the world.Otherwise he always quacks quacks like a duck all the period in his class and has a loudest sound of the school.

Q For Quarreling Nature: Teacher of today has a quarreling nature,quarrels his colleagues.He argues them in an anger way.He loses his temper and suddenly becomes very angry.People recognize him as an angry person(angry young man, angry bird).He tugs the students in anger.He turns their wrist and ears as harshly that they turn red, as a key is turned in the lock.A student feels a lot of pain when a teacher pulls his tie with his hands harshly.He causes problems for his students and upsets them.

Q For Query King: A teacher often queries a lot of questions.The students dislike him because of this bad habit.

R For Racist: Often a teacher treats rudely, unkindly and unfairly his students because they have different color, skin, caste, religion, language, come from a village or different city or country.Being a racist his face turns red with rage.His cold rage terrifies the students.He flews into an abusive rage when he looks them.

R For Rattle: Being a foolish and very simple guy a teacher becomes a rattle for his fellows sometimes.They shake him as a rattle as they are babies and get pleasure in this way.They send him to the principal office with some instructions, where he makes a noise, as a result boss insults that teacher and orders him to get out of his office.After this position they enjoy and laugh at him as he is an enjoyable and entertaining thing.

R For Razor: A tongue of a teacher is named “Razor” by the people.They think that he cuts the hearts and souls of his colleagues and students with the very sharp blade of his tongue.

R For Rude: A teacher sometimes behaves to his boss, students and colleagues rudely.His behaviour is wildy and talks rudely.His action show that he is a drama King.Once a teacher beated his principal in from of all the staff members, but he was so cunning, that he excused to his boss in his retiring room, when the boss was alone and the door was close.

R For Ruler: Teacher has no sympathy to his students.He introduces himself as a strong ruler.He rules his students strictly.Sometimes, he beats them with a ruler to impose his own created rules at them and teaches them a lesson.


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