Teacher In The Eyes Of People Part 6

P For Painful: A teacher is also a painful personality for others.He becomes panic and hurts the students.He does not forgive anyone in his school.Sometimes he becomes painful to his Boss also.He shouts, insults, teases and backbites his boss in his absence.He also insults the parents in parent teacher meetings.

P For Past Lover: A teacher always lives in his past.When he was a brilliant student, good guy, best athelite, gold medalist student, useful personality for his society, a best companion of his friends.At that time he was a pretty, handsome and special young man.He was admired as a king etc.He praises of himself all the time.He should realize the reality that now he is an aged man.Now he is as old as he cannot complete even a sentence properly.He s too weak to move quickly during their exams.

P For Parasite: A teacher often depends upon his colleagues and requests them to spend their free period in his class.Looking like a parasite, he gives them to check his tests and classwork homework copies.He puts his responsibilities to others.He also depends on his class monitor daily.Line leaders and monitors check his class tests homework and classwork copies.

First of all these monitors collect the copies and tests then they sort out the mistakes and at last they take these copies and tests to their teacher at that time teacher writes his name(signature) on copies and he gives points or numbers at this written work.Teacher takes this benefit not only his own class monitors along with other class monitors also.It is not his honesty.He should complete all this work personally because it is his own duty not monitors duty.Because monitor do not take his salary with them to their home.While he does not want to use his money,to pay even a penny at his students.

P For Politician: A teacher also creates problems in the life of his students like a politician.A school is a place where students are kept as a punishment (like a prison).Teacher often locks up them in the school and does not allow them to leave the school after school time.He creates anarchy, problems and pollutes the atmosphere of the school.Considering himself as a politician he treats his students like his voters and slaves.

P For Poor Man: A teacher cleverly presents himself as a poor man to his boss, colleagues and students(while he is not so poor).So he gets sympathy of them in this way.They took pity on him and really do so much for him and make his life easier for him.They give him much quantity of food,fruit etc to eat and a lot of money too at daily bases.They consider him as the poorest and most needy person of the world.

P For Pump: A teacher takes his students like an hand pump.He wants to utter all the answers of his questions from the brain of his students by beating.Like a pump machine he pushes his boring, useless, scrape and knowledge less lecture in their minds and wants put out the knowledge of a gold medalist, an noble prize scientist and a scholar.

P For Puppet: A teacher is a puppet and a slave in the hands of his family.He works hard,hard and hard and goes for the two or three jobs to earn money for them to increase their living standard.But they are always unhappy and not satisfied to him.They put pressure on him to make more and more money for them.

He is bounded all the time but they freely enjoy their lives and at last he dies because of overwork.Then they say ” he did never do anything for us”.Besides it he is also a puppet of the cruel hands of his boss.He always uses his car for the shopping of boss’s family.He is always busy to picks and drops of boss’s family members at many places.He shops grocery and gets dishes of food(cooked by his wife) for his boss.But boss never honour him as he rights and treats him as a slave.

A simple nature teacher like cow or sheep is so foolish that he also becomes a puppet in the hands of his studends due to his great simplicity.When they not ready to study, want to enjoy time and weather.So then he obeys them, does not teach them, sits idle, free and wastes their precious time.He follows their mood wish and programe.It is not according to his profession.He is always worried about the students that they may leave his school and may go to another school,Because of the danger of drop out,he has become a puppet in the hands of his students.

They often laugh at his simplicity, his foolishness and his humbleness.At least a teacher should be a wise man and not be so simple and fool.Because of his simplicity they turn him at their wish and mood.They do not co-operate him.They often disobey him and do not learn their lesson by heart.How dear they are? that they put the teacher over their hand like a glove and then move their hand as they desire.Is he an instrument like cymbals.


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