Teacher In The Eyes Of People Part 5

N For Narrow Mind: Being a narrow mind person he takes search of the bags of his students.He wants to know about their faults,so he watches them secretly as a spy.He suspects the students.He is suspicious of his pupils and colleagues.He has a feeling that they have done some thing wrong and he does not trust in them.He hurries to investigate the noise in the class.He takes their innocent smile in negative way.

N For Nasty: Some teachers are very horrible, mean, unkind and behave badly that they are named as nasty.

N For Nervous: A teacher is a cowardly person of a society.He is afraid of a crowd he has no power of speech in front of people.He can not face the bold or difficult questions from the brilliant and sharp minded students.A teacher should not be panic.He is often slightly afraid of his boss.Sometimes he performs as a mad and a silly one.He becomes so nervous that he does something again and again.He repeats a single word or a sentence again and again.

N For Noisy: A teacher can not speak gently.He is certainly a noisy person that he makes a lot of sound.He taunts the students while he can treat them by using good and well manners.In fact his harsh behaviour is not healthy for them.He can not bear any voice in his presence except his own voice.He hate their voice,he does not like them at all.

His head hurts because of even chirping of these little ones.He has a headache daily because he thinks that he is a soft spoken personality while others are noisy and harsh people.He takes his voice as a gift or reward of God for the mankind.It is not true some students consider his voice as the voice of crow, frog or ghost.

O For Ordinary Person: A teacher is considered as an ordinary and common person of his society.People of his homeland do not respect and honour him.While they should respect him as a different and special personality.It maybe because of his salary.It consists of low amount as compare to the employs of other Government departments.Secondly,it maybe because of his cheap,shameless and useless deeds.

O For Out Of Mind: Some teacher are as out of mind as their mind has gone out a trip to a place.Their circumstances or their wives have made them nervous or mad that they are noticed as a foolish guy at all over the world.In hotels of Lahore,their is cooked the head of goats in to ways.

1: Without brain.

2: With brain.

When anyone orders the dish without brain,then waiter cries “the teacher’s head is needed this table”.They have named this dish (teacher’s head),(ustaani sirree) because they think the teacher as a person which is without brain.

O For Oxygen: A teacher is as essential as oxygen for his society.Everyone needs it to breathe in order to stay alive.Although he is oxygen, but without nitrogen for his society.Now he has become dangerous like a polluted and poisonous thing.


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