Teacher In The Eyes Of People Part 4

L For Landlord: If a teacher so rich or a landlord,he begins to show off his lands and money and then insults his fellows in front of his boss and the students in different ways.He hits upon his poor fellows because of their poorness.He feels that being a rich he is hero while others are zero.Proudness is not fair.

If he is really rich man or a land lord then he has no need of job.Because rich man has no need of service and to work hard as teaching,table-marking, exam-duties,extra classes and to teach in tution centres at evening.He should leave the job immediately and sit at his home free because he is a land lord and wealthy.He has no need to bear the difficulties and losses of a job.

L For Loader: A teacher also a loader in two ways.Firstly,some times a teacher is educated but he has no knowledge.He is like an ass loaded by books.Secondly,he takes his principal’s family to Hotels,motels,for shopping and often drops the boss and family members of his boss to different spots.

L For Looser: A looser teacher cannot hold on his class.Such teacher is like a loose tooth.A student is like a wild animal.If the teacher’s hold and control on his class is loose,the pupil would escaped and be free.

L For Luxury Lover: Some of teachers dislike the simple life and simplicity.They want to get a lot of money and luxury life.The expensive that they like but they do not really need.

L For Low Level: A teacher is also a low level personality.Some have their mental level low.Having low mentality they do not recognize their responsible place which is true, right, great and fair but they send friendship messages to evil and corrupt personalities and be proud of this friendship.Some teachers have low listening power,so that they can not hear something.In this way they can not pay attention to their pupil properly.

M For Master Mind: A teacher always a part of conspiracy group.Rather he is the master mind of all that plans planned by clerks and boss against the staff members.In his dreams,he conspires to kidnap his horrible boss.It is true that an iron axe can not be complete without the handle of wood to cut the woods.Likely this a teacher conspires against his colleagues.So his habit is similar to the”predator”. He says his boss to treat harshly and be unkind to his staff members.Why do the teaches always conspire against their colleagues or boss? Living in this conspiracy atmosphere students also decide to conspire to steal the test answers.

M For Materialist: Living in this materialistic age a teacher has also turned himself into a real materialist.Now a days he always wants splended packages in his daily life.He is so busy in money making like a business man that he has forgotten his God, Religion, parents, relatives and his friends.

Money has taken place in his mind,heart and his soul.In the past,he was not so materialist and he was devoted to the ideas,principles and his profession.He had sold him self,now a days he is the man of dollar and euro.His life is moving around money,fashion,status and building a high standard all the time.He has forgotten the precious lessons of morality, equality, arrangement, obedience,excellence, principles totally.All his life moves around these words, I- My- Me.

M For Money Maker: A teacher is also a money maker like a doctor.He is a money mind person.So that he sits idle and free and does not work hard at school because he has to work hard at his tution centre at evening.That’s why he does not want to tire himself at the school so that in this way he saves his energy to spend at other occasions of making money.


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