Teacher In The Eyes Of People Part 3

H For Harmful: A teacher maybe harmful to his fellows in different ways.He always opposes his companions in front of his boss.If any staff-member stands for his right before boss then other teachers do not favour him.Be quiet and say yes to the boss and always oppose each other.He is quite dangerous for his fellows like a fierce.

They say always boss is right.Because of his power,he can harm a country.His power can change the young ones to bad ways.They become against as a country may broken into to pieces absolutely.The Hindu teachers of East Pakistan made Bangladesh by using their hate against West Pakistan (Pakistan) and succeeded to break(The largest Islamic State Of The World) great Pakistan into to pieces.Their harmful power ruined the minds.

H For Holiday lover: A teacher prepares to get so much of holidays everytime.So people have labeled him as a holiday man and holiday lover.

H For Horrible: Some teachers are very nasty, frightening that they have become the symbol of horrible in the heart of their students.

I For Illiterate: Some teachers are unable to read and write their personality shows that they are not educated.Their personality is full of illiteration.They do not prepare lesson properly.They open guide books in front of their students.They teach them with the help of helping books and do not shy by doing such bad deed.Students laugh at them and they blame that all the teachers are illiterate.

I For Interferer: Habit of the some teachers is to involve the afairs and dealings of everyone.

I For Interviewer: A teacher asks questions to everyone,everytime about everything to find out what he likes,dislikes,about his thoughts,feelings and knowledge about everyone.

J For Jealous: Being a common man he maybe jealous to others.A few teachers jealous their boss and colleagues.He feels pleasure at their loss and feels sadness at the benefits of his colleagues.Because of his jealousy he nominates mistakes of his colleagues to his boss.When the boss insults,angers his fellows,he becomes very happy on this occasion of insult and enjoys himself as an important event.He also tells this story to every teacher.

They have no tolerance.They quarrel each other like cats and dogs.They live and work together but behave like animals and enemies.They beat with their hands,stick and shoes eachother and pull the hair with their both hands.They beat, abuse and shout like a thunder at the students and colleagues and then not seen a man.All it is because of jealousy that they cannot bear the good health,fairness,popularity and dressing of other colleagues.

J For Juggler: A teacher often proves that he is like a juggler.His students and colleagues enjoy whenever he juggles.He over hears his boss and colleagues.

J For Joker: Some of teachers look like jokers.They say or do such things to make people laugh.Because of their dressing,fashion,matchings,make up talkative,personality,jokes and appearance like a joker,their pupil and colleagues laugh at them.But they feel proud that people get more pleasure in their presence.

K For King: Some teachers think that they have a royal manners as a king in real.They feel so proud of them that having a royal look and personality they are like a king of a kingdom.


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