Teacher In The Eyes Of People Part 2

D For Diplomate: A teacher behaves like a diplomate.In front of his companions and boss he is kind,loving,gentle and goodman but when they leave that place he begins to cut their roots and shows his hate for them like an enemy.He opposes their positive deeds in their absence and proves them a looser in eyes of other fellows.

D For Devil: A teacher maybe a devil sometimes.His thoughts,feelings,deeds,plannings,irregularities,fraud maybe harmful to his fellows as devil is harmful to mankind.Devil is the enemy mankind clearly.

D For Dull: After failier in all the fields a man at last becomes a teacher.So that his personality is not quick,quite,puzzle,doubtsome,boring,pure dryand not interesting.

E For Earthquake: When a cruel and strict nature teacher enters the classroom,the hearts of students suddenly shake.It can destroy the spiritual and mental building of students.His harsh behaviour disturbs the personality of a child and as a result he becomes useless.Scrape and harmful thing to his society.

E For Eligible: In education department some teachers are so eligible that do not know the difference between Dr.of (PhD) and Dr. of MBBS.They take both of them as same thing.They think that Dr.of philosophy is also a Physitian and surgen runs his clinic,and ask the address of his clinic.So that how can they take education at modern and high level.

E For Enemy: A teacher can be an enemy of his students in anger.He wants to hurt and quarrel with them.He beats them cruely.They weap bitterly but he does not tookpity on them.

F For Furious: A teacher becomes very angry sometimes and often treats his pupil furiously.He screeches at them.

F For Frog: Some teachers walk in the class like a frog who always jumps,jumps and jumps.

F For Fog: People consider a teacher like a shady cloud in the sun.It maybe true maybe not true but some teachers are like a fog.A fog is the thick cloud just above the ground,which makes it difficult to see.These teachers have a surface mind also.

F For Fighter: A teacher is a fighter also,not freedom fighter.He quarrels to his colleagues.When teachers quarrel,they argue with each other in an anger way.It seems that they are not well-educated and qualified people.There is a loud sound (like a duck quacks) in the staffroom.He often hits and attacks his pupil and companions.He also beats badly the little ones about they are fighting over some sweets.

G For Greedy: Being a common man a teacher may be a greedy person.That’s why he informs his students about his date of birth and the date of wedding anniversary.On these occaions he takes away sweetmeat,gifts and cakes from his students.Is his salary not enough for him? Has he no power of purchasing? In fact a human heart is hungry and greedy that is always empty, does not fill ever at last his mud of grave fills it completely.A greedy mind teacher wants to get more and more from others.In fact he is not aware of a teacher’s honour and greatness.


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