A For Actor: There is acting and over acting in the daily life of a teacher.Not only during the school time yet everywhere he acts as he is a pious man while others are currupt fellows.

A For Alien: Often his behaviour to others is so strange as it seems that he is totally different from other persons like an alien from another planet.

B For Blind: A teacher becomes blind when he favours his favourite pupils against the law.

B For Backward: A backward teacher teaches his students in the opposite way to usual.It retarded in intellectual development of a child,it is same harmful for the future of the pupil as well as teacher.

B For Backbiters: There is no need but some teachers often backbite there colleagues badly.Principal does not know about the affairs of staffroom.He cannot see against the wall of his office but these bad nature people narrate all about the stories like their plans,conversations,dealings,shoppings,taking breakfast,reciting of The Holly book,their brabble and all about the daily reports of their colleagues to lovely principal and then get benifits in this way.

B For Blackmailer: A teacher maybe a blackmailer,sometimes he hates some of his students and colleagues because of their faults and evil deeds and then blackmails them in different ways and avails of happiness money also from this evil way.

C For Currupt: A teacher does not remain Hollyman ever.He maybe currupt in his different part of age and in different ways.Some of male teachers do not take their females students as their own sister,like mother or as their own daughter.They grasp them as girlfriend and often take them for a date.Some begin to start love affair and want to marry them.They think them as wives and as a free thing,they take them in motels,rest houses or farm houses for several days to get benefits in this evil way and then often caught red-handed.

Although a teacher is a spiritual father of his students.He is a Holly man of his society.Curruption is not suitable for a teacher’s personality,one dirty fish can contanimate a pond,so that he had become a worthless thing of his society.Some female teacher’s dressing is improper,it is not fair.It affects badly upon their own future life as well as her male or female students,because she is also a role-model for her students.

C For Cop: A teacher considers himself as a loyal cop sometimes at the school,he makes the school a jail for his students and colleagues.He takes them as a criminal that they all are against the law.He takes himself as a true man of law.They are thief,currupt,bad or serial killer and all they have a criminal record also.

C For Coronavirus: Because of his loose talk,a teacher becomes coronavirus to his colleagues and pupils often.So that they avoid of him,keep distance,wear mask before him.They want to save themselves from this dangerous disease.

C For Cunning: A teacher is also so cunning that he is always in search of food and an occasion for short leave and so much leaves.

C For Cancer: A teacher sometimes becomes dangerous like cancer for his students.He should be cure and be treated in well way.Operation knife can remove cancer disease from its roots completely.The order book,threats,insults from his boss is a knife againsts him.Then he recovers very quickly.

C For Careless: A teacher maybe careless about the times of his students.He wastes their precious time a lot by standing free in the classroom doors and along corridors.Going to his classroom he often wastes atleast five to ten minutes while passing by his colleagues in greetings,saying hello,hi,how do you do? then enters late in the classroom and comes out of it before ringing the bell of next period.

C For Crazy: Sometimes a teacher seems crazy.His behaviour is so crazy to his students,boss and colleagues that h talks and behaves them in very silly and strange way.He always finds the mistakes in them and puts them right.He takes himself as a correct personality,right and without any mistake.He lookes busy do nothing.In his crazyness he punishes his students like a cruel man.Although his pupils are the black circles in the middle of his eyes.


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