Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Price, Pics, Specifications & Features

Samsung has posted images of Galaxy Note 20 Ultra on the Russian website of Samsung.  These images were first supported by a Russian you tuber. The images were accidentally published on Samsung’s Ukraine website. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a Mystic bronze design with the triple camera setup on its rear side. The phone will arrive in August. There is a rumor that Samsung is planning to organise an event on 5 August 2020. However, August 21st is the rumored date for its launch. 

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Leaked Images:

Samsung has accidentally posted the official image of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in mystic bronze color and oh boy it looks beautiful. Way better than what I thought it would look like. It’s the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra because you can see a periscope zoom camera lens. The camera rings are not shiny steel but rather look like matte chrome.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Leaked Images
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Leaked Images

This phone looks like the successor of Galaxy Note10+. Size-wise, the Galaxy Note20 Ultra will be 0.3 mm thinner. It has unique features of Snapdragon 865+, LTPO display, new camera functions, new SPen and features. QHD+120Hz can be turned on at the same time.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 lineup might debut alongside the new Galaxy Watch, while the Galaxy Fold2 and the 5G Galaxy Z Flip will allegedly appear in September.

This Smartphone contains a triple camera module on the rear side. It contains sensors and an LED flash on the other side of the cameras. Is camera has its own accent ringed with Mystic bronze color. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Features and specifications:

The back looks exactly like the leaked cad renders by the way, including that massive camera bump in the top-left corner that is home to several sensors.

First up, Ice Universe shared the screen protectors of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Both the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra will have a punch-hole cutout but the difference is the hole diameter is going to be 1mm thinner than the Galaxy Note 10+.

Not only that but the bezels all over the front will be trimmed down compared to last year’s Note increasing the screen to body ratio even further.

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Cameras:

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a bigger camera module because it’s the only Note 20 variant that supports the periscope zoom camera of up to 50x and 108MP camera. The Note 20 on the hand will feature camera specs similar to the Galaxy S20+. The renders from Onleaks showed us that the camera lenses on the Note 20 Ultra will have a shiny outer ring like the one on the iPhone 11 Pro. Well, that’s true except it won’t be shiny.

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Colors:

The color variants of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will be copper but he says it looks more like a pinkish copper. But importantly it will not have a glossy finish but rather frosted matte glass. Now, what’s unclear is whether or not all the Galaxy Note 20 variants would have frosted glass or only some color variants.

Ice Universe says all of the smartphones and tablets that Samsung is launching at the unpacked event will come equipped with the Snapdragon 865+ an overclocked version of the 865. So these devices will be the first handsets ever to have an SoC that can do over 3Ghz of clock speed.

Apple’s A14 Bionic chip was the first one to do that but Qualcomm stole that spotlight from Apple. Moving ahead, Samsung has also completely solved the camera focusing issues on the Galaxy

Note 20 which is good news but what’s not good is that the 120Hz refresh rate is unlikely to work at maximum resolution yet again. This isn’t confirmed, by the way, Ice didn’t say it’s not happening but says it’s not optimistic.

120Hz at QHD+ resolution:

So if the Note 20 also doesn’t support it then it takes away one of the key features of the handset. I hope it isn’t the case, though.

Also, Samsung issues an update to the Galaxy S20 variants improving the quality of the telephoto cameras. The 10x, 30x, and 100x zoom has seen some improvements. It’s being rolled out to Chinese versions of the S20 phones and the global versions should get it soon.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra may have the new bigger Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. This is 17 times bigger than the current one on the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Well, it seems that’s not happening. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will get the same fingerprint scanner as the S20 with improvements in speed.

Galaxy S20 Ultra Body:

But the frame of the handset is like shiny steel, I would say more like the frame of the Galaxy S20 Ultra where it’s tougher than aluminum but it’s not stainless steel. Moving on, in the current software on his Note 20 Ultra there are only two options to set the display refresh rate and that is 60Hz and 120Hz LTPO.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra body with Spen

There’s no option to set it at fixed 90Hz which makes sense as the LTPO display will automatically vary the refresh rate from 1Hz to 120Hz depending on the content being shown.

Apparently the test variant of the Note 20 Ultra has got has 12GB RAM. Not only that but the base storage option

is going to be 128GB as opposed to the rumored 256GB. Last year, both the Note 10 and Note 10+ started at 256GB as base. So this will be a downgrade and it wouldn’t make sense at first glance.

Sources have told that the Note 20 will have 128GB storage as the base. So it’s totally possible that this is indeed true. The S20 Ultra also starts at 128GB so it makes sense Samsung has decided to do the same with the Note 20 Ultra.

Moving on, the S-Pen is plastic like before with added new functionality.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Price:

The price of Samsung Galaxy S20 starts at 999$ while the Galaxy S20 Plus starts at 1199 dollar. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra price in India may range around 103000 INR. The price of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in Pakistan may be 2,30,000 Pakistani rupees.  Galaxy S 20 Ultra price would be $1,399.

Also, the price of the Galaxy Watch 3 has been leaked as well. Galaxy Watch 3 will be available in 9 different configurations which includes titanium and stainless steel. The price point will be between $400 and $600. The original Galaxy Watch started at $329 for the 42mm version but the Watch 3 has some significant upgrades.

Also, these are going to be some watch faces on the Watch 3 and Samsung will launch it on July 22nd.


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