“Me Too Movement Case” : Mayor of Busan Resigns

Me Too movement has gone wild in South Korea. The resignation of the mayor of Busan is the latest in a wave of sexual harassment cases that have challenged the country’s male-dominated society. ​The mayor of South Korea’s second-largest city resigned on Thursday after admitting to sexual misconduct.

A female public servant had accused Oh Keo-don of sexually assaulting her in his office. Oh Keo-don is the mayor of Busan Metropolitan City on the southeastern tip of South Korea. He has been under pressure to resign. Women’s rights groups have been demanding Mr. Oh’s resignation after the unidentified female victim reported her case to them.

Me Too Movement: Mr Oh’s Apology in a Case:

He has apologized for his behavior. He said:

“I apologize to the victim and will live the rest of my life in repentance.”

“I made an unnecessary physical contact with the person during a short, five-minute meeting,” Mr. Oh said during a news conference​ on Thursday​, as he fought back tears and bowed deeply before cameras.

“I have realized that this could amount to a sexual assault,” he added. “Regardless of the severity of my act, I admit that it cannot be forgiven.”

The Me Too movement took hold in South Korea in January 2018. Women have come forward with accusations of sexual abuse against an array of prominent officials, including politicians, religious leaders, theater directors, professors, and a former coach for the national speedskating team.

In the March, a former secretary of Ahn Hee-jung, a rising star in the Democratic Party went on television to accuse the politician of repeatedly raping her while he was governor of South Chungcheong Province. Many of the accused men have since apologized and resigned from their positions.

The higher-ranking prosecutor, Ahn Tae-geun was sentenced to two years in prison in January last year for abuse of power. But in January, the Supreme Court ordered a lower court to reconsider Mr. Ahn’s conviction.

Busan has a population of 3.5 million. It is the second-largest city in South Korea. Mr. Oh, 71, became the first left-leaning candidate to win the Busan mayor’s job. Government will held an election next April to choose Mr. Oh’s replacement.


Sex crimes, rape, assault, battery, campus violence, rape in universities & colleges, violence prevention, and sexual education are the topics very hot these days in South Korea.

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