Lock down: Best Food To Freshen Mood

In Lock Down: Food You Must Take To Remove Anxiety :

People are locked down in homes due to nationwide lock down to defeat the coronavirus epidemic. Due to staying in homes for long time, people are now suffering from stress and anxiety. There is no entertainment and no recreation. This is directly affecting their health and physique. In such a situation, it is very important that we include stress buster foods in our diet, so that we can cope up with stress in a best way.

Research has shown that stress is also caused by bacteria present in the stomach. The antibiotics present in yogurt strengthen the digestive system. Yogurt makes the stomach strong which gives the brain a signal of good feeling. Daily levels of calcium and protein-rich yogurt reduce stress levels.


The potassium present in bananas makes our blood pressure normal. Bananas contain natural sugar, which boosts energy. This is the reason why health experts recommend eating bananas in the breakfast, so that the body can meet the necessary glucose.


Mint is also best for making skin and mood fresh. During lock down, many people complain of bad odor and smelling body due to staying at home constantly. Mint is best to freshen stomach and body system.

Citrus Fruits:

Citrus fruits like oranges, lemon, mosambi contain vitamin C and anti oxidants. These antioxidants reduce stress. Due to the magnesium present in it, body relaxes and sleep is good. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system of our body and heals wounds quickly.


Watermelon is also a source of nutrients. It gives body a fresh look & feel. Eating watermelon makes skin fresh and soft. It also makes stomach calm. Watermelon also cools down anxiety. It removes gas from tummy and relaxes body.


Chocolate is the best option to improve the mood. Actually, eating chocolate creates endorphins in the body, due to which the stress is removed and you feel good. A piece of dark chocolate is best to boost your mood after a meal.


Pistachios contain zinc and magnesium, which calms the tanned nerves. That is why most people keep pistachios at the workplace. Whenever they do not feel good, they take something out and eat it. When you feel tension then eat some pistachio pieces, you will feel better.

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